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Living Wisdom Australia


Joan Koskela bringing Living Wisdom to Australia.  A unique model of counselling which has the potential to bring rapid personal growth and self-discovery.  It will equip and empower you with tools that you can begin using immediately. The Living Wisdom training and counselling model put a ladder into a persons ‘pit’ and then goes about setting up the rungs so climbing up and out becomes possible. My Life Rulz is the young persons version of David Riddell’s life work. 


Living Wisdom International based in New Zealand

In 2020 David Riddell clocked up 60,000 hours of clinical counselling.  That is incredible experience, wisdom, insight and knowledge. David has spent his life formulating a pragmatic, profound model of counselling while teaching and training thousands of people in emotional health, life skills, counselling skills and rapid personal growth through his Living Wisdom Schools.  You wouldn’t have time the read a fraction of what this man knows and he is one of he most sought after counsellors I know, with clients from all across the globe.




Soul Tour



Soul Tour is an intensive course for young adults, focused on holistic personal development. It aims to equip participants to better understand their own human mind, emotions and behaviour.

The curriculum has been adapted from David Riddell’s ‘Life and Counselling Skills’ course and draws upon Christian-friendly insights from a variety of fields. These include psychology, philosophy, counselling and theology.