My Life Rulz


My Life Rulz are 10 foundational mental rules* to build emotional resilience.

Here are the first six………..

  1. I belong here. I do belong.
  2. I can get used to this place and still grow.
  3. I deserve to feel safe and loved – always.
  4. Sometimes life is good and fair.  Sometimes it’s not.
  5. All my choices matter.  They all have consequences.
  6. God does care, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

* RULZNot rules as such, rather they are read as principles to guide ones life by.  By nature, rules are inflexible and seek to control thinking. Rulz however, seek to guide ones thinking and enhance ones ability to live well.


Because children are our most precious resource. “One dreams of what a better world this place would be if all our children had received the benefit of committing My Life Rulz to memory before the age of 10 years. But what better time to begin the vision than now? We commend it to you with hope and prayer that it will find a vital place in the hearts and lives of parents, families, Schools and Churches who are passionate about this generation.”

David J Riddell, Living Wisdom, Nelson, NZ.

Because it is not acceptable to have children suffering from anxiety, depression and hopelessness.



My Life Rulz builds a healthy mind and can be grasped by children of all ages, cultures and aptitudes. Using a variety of media presentations this is encapsulated common sense at its best; simple, comprehensive and profound and can be grasped in just minutes.

Resourcing families and communities; My Life Rulz reaches into the depths of the mind to unearth the toxic thinking.  ‘Stinking thinking’ that causes stress, anxiety, depression and suicide along with the many other aliments that hinder our young and increasingly older people today.   Easy to use and no training needed.  My Life Rulz uses a powerful technique of trace, face and replace.  Tracing the thinking to its root, facing the root assumption and replacing it with truth and insight giving hope to those once struggling to find any.   In a world of chaos, where ‘feelings’ rule and fear is reigning, My Life Rulz brings light into the lives of those using these powerful resources. Tested and developed by the authors over many thousands of hours of counselling clinical practice in both New Zealand and Australia. My Life Rulz comes as part of the larger Living Wisdom Library of Counselling resources.  For more on’How’ …….

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2 weeks ago

My Life Rulz

Fathers Day was always a painful day for me growing up. My dad left when I was 8 and there was hardly a day that went past when I didn't think about him or long to see him. That 'void' had a profound impact on my choices. Many families are living without an attending mother and father for their children and this is a grief to all involved and to society as a whole. My best wishes go out to you all this Father's Day, and I am grateful that I discovered a Heavenly Father to help heal my heart. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cute !

Three treasures :). Lovely to hear their answers. I'm glad about a Heavenly Father too. God bless.

This is the cutest!!! I need to find out where the tickle shop is!


4 weeks ago

My Life Rulz

The previous post (26th July) received alot of attention. I would love to get more understanding on why this is. I would appreciate you taking the time to watch this 2 minute clip and respond in the comment box. ... See MoreSee Less

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Parents really struggle with the balance between it all. I have had many parents too scared to say no to their children. There is an incongruent set of messages between home and child care settings and school as well which make things really challenging along with real fear for the safety of kids out in the world as well. Keep up the posts. Our families need all the help they can get.

I think it's because we don't know the difference between rescuing & balance etc. The role models over the last few generations differ vastly from strict authoritarianism to way too much freedom, so it's confusing who to emulate. I'd love to see some specific teaching and wisdom on this topic.

It was a wake up to how I responded to her. I would nag and growl in exasperation about not doing a job properly or not following through with something or being unorganised. But I realised that this was borne out of my belief that I know she is capable of doing all these things but she was just not applying herself and using a bit of self discipline. By realising that I had not shown her my belief but rather only criticised her I changed my words and my tone. Knowing that my words will some day (soon) be the voice in her head! I also apply the wise words of Dianne Levy from her book “of course I love you, now go to your room” That in the upward spiral of a high self esteem a child first believes ‘I can’ then ‘I can do anything’ and then ‘the world is mine’ BUT before ‘I can’ comes ‘I have to’. Which is where we come in.

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