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We love to hear from our customers about how they are using our products. It helps us with fine tuning future resources. Listed below are testimonials from people so far. If you would like to add your feedback, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

We have found the issues My Life Rulz covers very relevant. The children have really taken hold of the teaching. We have had the children testify to the fact that its helping them, they said they feel like they belong.

Wendy - Highway Kids, Richmond, NZ

Thank you for your book and the bracelets! When I read about ‘MY LIFE RULZ’ I knew immediately that it would be a very helpful tool to use with my five year old. Already amazingly creative and imaginative, but a sensitive little perfectionist. Beginning to learn these principles (and very motivated knowing that you can work towards another bracelet) is strengthening the mind and heart for life already! A very heartfelt thankyou for your generosity, I will certainly be recommending this resource to many others.

Bron - Aldinga Beach

Our kids had learnt all the truth coaches in my Life Rulz by the end of last year. One thing I have noticed becoming easier now we have that ‘framework’ in place is that it is so much easier to show them their faulty thinking as it comes up. I just refer them straight back to the appropriate rule and they get it. Thanks so much for a healthy platform to build their minds on.

Anna - Nelson, NZ

I have just received my pack and it is AWESOME!! Congratulations. I have a relative who will benefit from this. You and your team have produced something that will go a long way in assisting the children of our world (even adults), helping them grow into all they are designed to be.

Pauline - Portland, Victoria

I wanted to write you an e-mail TOTALLY RAVING about my pack! I have watched the DVD, the CD is on all the time (my youngest and I love the naughty children song right now!) and as a team, my girls and I are using 1 truth card to review every day at breakfast before they head off for school. SO EASY TO USE!!! I’ve shamelessly been promoting the website on facebook too.

Carla - Nelson, NZ

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