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Childhood dreams

We had a dream…

That dream was to develop a simple yet powerful way to build a safety rail at the top of the emotional cliff into anxiety, despair, depression and hopelessness rather than acting as an ambulance at the bottom.  A lack of resilience can be described as not having access to reassurance and hope during a time of need. It is possible to intentionally plant that reassurance and hope into our children’s minds so it is available. Prevention is certainly better than cure and our most foundational beliefs and programming are the strongest.

My deep concern for the amount (the figures are troubling) of young people suffering from poor emotional health and lack of emotional resilience has evolved into the My Life Rulz resources for families, Schools, Churches,  Counsellors, Chaplains and communities.

The My Life Rulz resources are a collaboration with David J Riddell, Nelson NZ from his life work, Living Wisdom International.  The resources are part of the greater Living Wisdom Library of incredibly powerful emotional health and life skills concepts.