It takes a ‘village’ to raise a child.

If children are our most precious resource how is ‘the village’ doing at raising them in this millennium? As carers, parents, grandparents, extended family? As educators, chaplains, counsellors, ministers and society in general?  Healthy children don’t grow on trees and most of us are not trained to discover the deeply subconscious issues that can plague children in the jungle called life. Would you like a ‘sure fire’ way to start identify problematic thinking and the ability to replace that thinking with powerful insights and truth?

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Here at My Life Rulz we are:

  1. Concerned with and for the emotional well being of children as well as the adults in their lives.
  2. Deeply disturbed with the rise of anxiety, depression and hopelessness in young people today.
  3. Here to help resource you with material that is easy to use, profound and effective uncommon, common sense.
  4. Confident our resources will invoke the valuable discussions needed to discover what is really happening in the mind and life of the child.
  5. Assured it can and does work when the truth coaches (insights) are committed to memory.