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At last the first of it’s kind! A comprehensive social/emotional health program designed to really ‘hit the mark’ from a Christian Worldview.

The program is designed to bring about the outcome of the formation and development of good mental and emotional health in the child’s formative years which will, in turn, result in emotional resilience during their life. Thereby greatly decreasing the likelihood of emotional struggles such as depression, anxiety, fear and suicidal thinking.

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Middle Primary School

Why My Life Rulz for your school?

  • The Program can be used immediately without any facilitator training.
  • It can be added to a current resilience, and emotional health program or it can replace it.
  • There is a ‘roll out’ plan available if you are a large school or want to trial it first.
  • The results are most often rapid with many parents and teachers very encouraged.
  • We are available to get you started and give you follow-up support.
  • Competitively priced with a one-off purchase plus a small annual digital copyright license fee which gives you ongoing permission to copy, reproduce and upload to your portal.
  • You will also receive free or low-cost updates, upgrades and new products.
  • When run well it becomes an integral part of school life and culture.
  • It hits deep within the assumptions that are rarely identified until much later in life when they are becoming very problematic.

Resources for each class are:

    • Primary Program (Level you choose) Hard Copy Book and PDF Files
    • Digital Set of 10 Posters (A3 size) for you to print and laminate
    • Children’s Book
    • PowerPoint of Children’s Book
    • Song CD plus MP3s
    • PowerPoint of Song Lyrics
    • Set of 10 Truth Cards

For orders of 5 or more Classrooms, you will receive The Bible Stories Book (Digital) and a Music Book (Hard Copy) FREE!

For Home School we recommend ordering the Lower Primary Program and Upper Primary Program.  This will cover children aged between 5 and 11 years.

Purchasing Overview

1-15 Classrooms

AUD $136 per class plus GST and Freight
NZD $149 per class plus GST & Freight

16-30 Classrooms

AUD $109 per class plus GST and Freight
NZD $129 per class plus GST & Freight

31+ Classrooms

AUD $ 91 per class plus GST and Freight
NZD $119 per class plus GST & Freight

Annual Subscription Renewal

The Subscription gives ongoing copyright, and reproduction permission according to the Terms and Conditions you received at purchase.

Current Subscription prices are as follows 

AUD $250 per year
NZD  $300 per year

Home School Subscription Renewal

AUD $80.00 per year
NZD $100.00 per year

The Subscription Prices Exclude GST