As a counsellor I value a resource that will get to the root quickly and effectively, especially when working with young people who don’t particularly want to talk or even be in my office.   Most clients don’t actually know what the ‘real issue’ is but they are aware of the pain or the poor choices they are stuck in.

An effective counselling appointment should leave a client with something new.  A brand new truth, a life skill or an insight that injects hope and offers a superior direction.  Everyone can benefit from the discovery of a new insight, the identification of a deep belief that is letting us down and the truth necessary to replace it. If our mind is missing what it needs to be our friend and look after us, we are blocked and limited.

My Life Rulz is being used by many counsellors within all kinds of counselling situations.  The power is in the fact that My Life Rulz unearths the earlier beliefs that have taken root within childhood.  Accessing these in a very effective manner and creating dialogue with anyone at any age.  Many counsellors are using My Life Rulz with adult clients with great success.

I would highly recommend the Children’s Book (with User Guide DVD), Truth Cards and Song CD

Hard Copies

Rule 7 Insight: My thinking can be like a naughty puppy but I can train it to do what I want it to do.