“I LOVE My Life Rulz!”

I have heard this from dozens of Chaplains over several years.

When I first began work on the Children’s Book I had a desire to equip Chaplains and Counsellors as well as families.   It is proving to be the case.

As you engage with children through the grey and colour pages of the book you will discover some  faulty assumptions (stinking thinking) being laid down and these resources are designed to help identify those and replace them with healthy assumptions (truth). Every child we have worked with so far has been able to ‘find themselves’ in the book somewhere and this process invokes some very meaningful discussion. 

With these concepts you can trace, face and replace the deep beliefs the have the potential to sabotage a child’s life. 

Chaplain feedback we’re received:

  • The children love it.  They really relate to the illustrations.
  • I have felt so powerless in the past but this has helped me to empower them regardless of their situation.
  • It reassures me that I don’t have to have all the answers.
  • It makes my job exciting because I want to get under the surface of the problem but am not trained to do that.
  • I have had deep and meaningful discussions with so many girls and groups of girls around Rule 9 and 10.  (Body image and confidence)
  • It sticks – they remember the truth coaches and seem to grab them quickly.
  • The kids ‘get it’ quickly and can identify the stink thinking that is causing trouble.

Chappies Resources:

Most Chaplains begin with the Children’s Book and You Tube Training and build up their resources over time by adding:-

  • The Poster Book
  • Truth Cards
  • Powerpoint of the Children’s Book or -i-pad version
  •  One of the Primary Programs (often Middle Primary)
  • The Song CD
  •  Downloads of activity sheets


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