Meet the Creators

Joan Koskela
I set out to write a book for children as an intentional prevention for anxiety, depression and suicide in young people. In my mind this is just not an acceptable emotional state for our children to find themselves in. In this attempt to purposely give young minds access to reassurance and hope, believing that this would automatically (in most cases) produce emotional resilience over time. Subsequently, that resilience would be sustainable if they continued to build their minds on truth and reassurance rather than indulge sick thinking and lies. The potential in this project for those who will take it seriously is going to be quite profound and we look forward to your discoveries, feedback and comments. I adamantly believe prevention is better than cure. Currently I am busy continuing work on this project but my main work is my daily counselling practice ( I am available to speak to your organisation about MY LIFE RULZ resources and principles or anything that takes your fancy from my Living Wisdom topics. I am also available for face to face, phone or skype counselling, supervision and professional development.
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David Riddell
The love of wisdom and truth has motivated David and Rosemary Riddell to dedicate their lives to the cause of searching out and teaching real answers to real people - people who are often in real pain. That life is difficult is well known, but the tools necessary to enable us to do life well are neither prevalent nor popular in today's world, so it is without hesitation that David takes any opportunity available to teach, counsel and speak to the subject of how to achieve authentic success in life. To see more about the Riddells and their schedule go to
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Laurie Mills
I have experienced the life-changing benefits of Living Wisdom and long desired a resource by which children could acquire such valuable insight... now here it is. 'My Life Rulz' embraces the young mind and adorns it with wisdom, resulting in 'internal access to reassurance and hope'. Life is challenging and I celebrate the empowerment 'My Life Rulz' grants to all who invest in our children. This project has created a product which delivers on its promise - these rules work! Developing the illustrations was challenging as I sought to create contexts children relate to by 'climbing into their skin' and seeing life through their eyes. I have witnessed first-hand the impression 'My Life Rulz' can make on children which confirms why this has been worth the effort.
Laurie Mills
Don and Annette Telford
Song CD producers

We have been involved in bands, music teams, and creative arts for over 40 years. Don is a guitarist and enjoys supporting other artists in performing or ministry roles where possible. Don has a television industry background and has spent the last 12 years working with the Australian Christian Channel on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. In 2010 Don and Annette toured for 4 months with Steve Grace with Don being part of Steve's band and Annette as Merchandise Manager. We loved working on the MY LIFE RULZ project in the studio and with the other musicians that have been involved with this work. The MY LIFE RULZ project is an inspirational and educational tool that we believe addresses the many troubling situations and emotions children face during their growing and changing years. We have been impressed with the dedicated and detailed approach Joan and her team have taken in seeing the book and CD particularly come to fruition. In any project there are many aspects that need follow through and being a part of the MY LIFE RULZ project has encouraged us in seeing something worthwhile executed to completion.