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We love to hear from our customers about how they are using our products. It helps us with fine tuning future resources. Listed below are testimonials from people so far. If you would like to add your feedback, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

I work in General Practice in Auckland and found your website & materials about a yr ago. I suggested My Life Rulz to my daughter for use with her young kids and she was impressed. Subsequently we have purchased a book/DVD etc for ourselves to look at more closely and share with some of the few of our mob (we raised 8 children) who remain at home. Actually the material is just as relevant for us “old” kids….what speaks simply to kids usually makes sense to the big kids inside us adults too! To see it promoted and used across the wider community has got to be a good thing….so go for it with the further promoting of your resources!

Rob - Auckland

I love the sentence, “I don’t need to give up because there is always a way through or around.” This has helped me during the times when I feel like something is too hard but then I remember to keep on going. (Ethan, age 7)

My Life Rulz has helped me with things that I’ve struggled with in my poisonous thinking. I’ve really loved how the book has really bright pages for the helpful thinking pages. It is a wonderful book for little kids and adults too. It has helped me a lot. (Brooke, age 8)

The My Life Rulz resources have been a welcome addition into our family library. The poisonous thinking pages have highlighted unhelpful thought patterns within our family members. The pages of truth are powerful because they are truth and they are based upon God’s word and how He sees us. We have regularly referred back to these pages and the truth held within them. It has been a really helpful resource in helping our family to continue to “renew our minds”.

Taya, Homeschooling mother of 4 from Adelaide

Taya Joppich - Adelaide, SA

I taught Rule 5 in my CRE lesson and the kids LOVED it! Im sure all of them will remember “All my choices matter”. Im enjoying the way the object lessons illustrate whats being taught.

Anna - Nelson

This program is phenomenal! It speaks right into the modern day issues that have been present from when time began! The children are able to recall the Rulz and therefore are at times able to self regulate.

Chris - Nelson Christian Academy, Nelson, NZ

My Life Rulz is easy to implement for people teaching and there is enough variety to change from week to week.

Wendy - Richmond Baptist Church, NZ

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